Commission Advance for Real Estate Agents

Apply for a real estate commission advance up to $10,000 on a pending sale. Usually funds within 1 business day.

Our real estate commission advances are quick, low cost, straight forward and confidential

  1. Quick: Commission advances often wired in one business day
  2. Low cost: 5% discount fee for up to 30 days. For example a $6,000 commission advance for up to 30 days will cost $300 or a $9,000 commission advance would cost $450 for up to 30 days. The minimum charge for a commission advance is $300.
  3. Straight forward: There are no credit checks or other fees associated with a commission advance. If the transaction is delayed beyond 30 days, we simply charge the same 5% for another 30 days.  
  4. Confidential: Commission advances paid back to us through escrow at closing and show up on the settlement statement as commission paid to Blue Summit Realty.
  5. Commission Advance without Broker Signature: Often times we do not require a designated or managing broker signature for a commission advance.


Here are some examples of our commission advance fee structure:

  1. $6,000 for up to 30 days = $300 fee (5% of $6,000)
  2. $8,000 commission advance for up to 30 days = $400 (5% of $8,000)
  3. $6,000 commission advance for 31 to 60 days = $600 (5% of $6,000 X 2)
  4. $4,500 commission advance for up to 30 days = $300 (Minimum charge of $300)

Steps to receive your commission advance:

  1. Fill out the fields above, we will respond shortly with an email requesting some basic information regarding the file.
  2. We review your information.
  3. Once approved we will send you and your managing broker the commission advance paperwork to be electronically signed.
  4. Commission advance funds will be wired directly to your account usually within 1 business day. 


At Blue Summit Realty we offer real estate commission advances to our brokers as well as outside agents and brokers nationwide when funds are available. To receive a new real estate commission advance simply fill out the fields above and we will be in touch usually within 1 business day. If you have any questions about our process, pricing or other general questions regarding a real estate commission advance please fill out the required fields above marked with an * and include your question in the questions/comments section. Please be patient as we are a small locally owned real estate brokerage located in Lacey, WA having been around since 2012. We strive to respond to questions and fund real estate commission advances within 1 business day.


If you are a real estate broker in the state of Washington with at least 2 years experience and interested in joining our team please visit our join us page.


Commission Advance FAQs:

What is a commission advance?

A real estate commission advance allows an agent to be paid their commission on a pending transaction prior to the close date for a fee. Said another way, an agent sells Blue Summit Realty the rights to a certain amount of their commission for a discount in return for a lump sum of money.


Is there a maximum amount of commission advance I can request?

Currently we take it on a case by case basis but there is no specific dollar amount.


What percentage of the net commission can I request for a commission advance?

In many instances we can go up to 90% of the net commission for a commission advance.


How do I pay the real estate commission advance back?

Escrow or the settlement team will mail or wire us a check at closing from the sale proceeds. This shows up as a payment to Blue Summit Realty on the settlement statement having been deducted from your commission.


Where is your office located?

We are located at 4705 Lacey Blvd SE, Lacey, WA 98503


Will you give a commission advance on a listing

At this point we are only doing commission advances on homes under contract.


Does an inspection contingency have to be satisfied prior to commission advance.

We would look at this on a case by case basis. Generally a seasoned real estate agent with multiple transactions under contract would qualify for a commission advance prior to the inspection contingency being satisfied.  


*We reserve the right to approve/decline any commission advance request.