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Classy clutter.

Believe it or not, this is a thing and if you're up for it, can look really magnificent and magazine-esque. I wouldn't recommend over doing it, nor would I say you should adopt this method onto every empty shelf and table in the room, but when done right, can absolutely give you a fresh and effortless look that's sure to turn heads.

Step one. Hunt and gather. What you’re looking for are fun items that are completely different in size and shape, but when placed next to one another send the same message. "I'm old and rustic", "I look good in a sophisticated den", "Hi, I’m shabby chic", and etc. Trinket hunting is one of my favorite things to do, especially when I have a certain color or mood I'm trying to establish.

Step two. Arrange with love. Do your best to set out your items so that they create somewhat of a skyline effect. Up, down, bulky, thin, busy, simple. Make stacks of books or theme appropriate boxes to give the illusion of different heights if tall candle holders aren't your cup of tea. Empty frames can be an excellent addition to place behind shorter items and never underestimate the power of a good uplight. Once you're happy with your height-width ratio, fill in the holes with smaller décor!

Step three. Walk past it thirty seven times. I’m only kind of kidding. If at first glance your table looks as though you dumped a pile of stuff on it, it’s time to lessen the load. Be sure that you're distributing equally so that there’s a sort of messy symmetry giving balance to it. You’ll know when you get to that just-right place. Then pat your cluttering self on the back and enjoy the view!

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